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Finished with lightsabers

Posted: Sat, 20th Sep 2008, 6:14pm

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when your finished with the light saber project what do you do like not to save but finsh when you are drawing all the 4 dot things do you have to click something to actually stop the editing
Posted: Sat, 20th Sep 2008, 11:04pm

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Typically you will want to go to the glow settings to adjust those to get the look you need for the scene you are working on. But there is nothing you have to do to 'finish' the effect as such, just save the project and everything is fine.

If you want to do something else after creating the lightsabers, you just start whatever the next step you want to work on is, (examples would be adding effects using other engines, compositing footage, or grading) and the program will automatically switch modes to work on that.
Posted: Thu, 25th Sep 2008, 2:29am

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I think he's talking about rendering? Can't tell.

If so, when your done rotoscoping and the video looks the way you want it to, then click on "render" in the top menu. You'll want to check your "render settings..." to make sure your video is being exported in the format you want. Check out Axeman's tutorial on how to retain your sound if you wish to do that. After you've checked your settings and made sure everything is good, click the render menu button again and press the "render" option and your video will be exported to your chosen location.

Edit: Or you can check out Tarn's tutorials by clicking "Support" at the top of the page.