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VideoWrap! Picture Loss.

Posted: Sun, 28th Sep 2008, 8:32am

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Well I've recently done some work on an effects shot, so when I rendered it from Visionlab as it's origional codec (.avi) I expected to be able to convert the video so it took up less space.

Sadly this isn't working out.

Once it has been converted the soudn plays fine, but the picture looks like so,

And as for the specs of the video they are...

And as for quicktime, I'm up to date with it and I can convert other videos without a problem, it just seems to be this one. Another problem I'm noticing is that after browsing and importing the video you want for conversion, some videos will show a 'choose aspect ratio' screen, whereas some ones (like this one) don't and just throw you into the conversion process.