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Posted: Mon, 29th Sep 2008, 9:22pm

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I bought the Composite, I coundn't import my vedio into screen. I also have difficult to find all of effects as demo showed. Can you tell me how?
Posted: Mon, 29th Sep 2008, 10:50pm

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The effects shown in the demo should all be at the same place, except if you had accidentally downloaded a demo for VisionLab/EffectsLab . . . in which case the effects are not there because they can only be used with Effects/VisionLab.

To import your video, remember that CompositeLab can't capture directly from the camera. You'll have to use your NLE (non-linear editor; a program such as Windows Movie Maker or Final Cut) (although WMM is garbage, says I to save Tarn work) to capture from said camera - then export from the NLE and import it in CLab. Remember to export from the NLE in a compatible codec, such as DV-AVI.

Good luck. I hope I answered your question.

EDIT: Or do you mean that you don't know how to take the imported video and add it onto your canvas? If so, just click and drag.