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My Webspace Domain is going, taking my movies with it

Posted: Thu, 2nd Oct 2008, 5:44pm

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Jealous Flesh

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I have 15+ movies in the Cinema, most of them 6 years old or more.
These are hosted on, and were uploaded from, my personal webhost, which just announced that it is closing up shop and deleting everything.
Do the movies I have uploaded here still draw from my webhost, or at sometime in the past have they been uploaded to a FXhome server? I know at one point this was the case, as a couple movies here were deleted from my webhost years ago, but are still here and still being downloaded (last time I checked anyway).

If not, I have to reupload them to another webhost, then re-submit dont I?
Posted: Thu, 2nd Oct 2008, 6:51pm

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Travis Kunze

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I believe that yes if the links that you provided for the videos go bye bye then so do the videos in the cinema. I believe you would have to change your host and re upload them to the new host, and then edit or re-sumbit or whatever you have to do to put them back in the cinema.
Posted: Fri, 3rd Oct 2008, 5:01pm

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Yes, if the link dies then the movie is taken down and you'll be sent an email warning. If the link isn't updated in 20 days then the movie is removed from the database.