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Glass Shattering

Posted: Tue, 7th Oct 2008, 4:58pm

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I want to do the glass smashing effect as a part of like a building exploding. Something like this:

at 2:12

Is this even possible as a preset?
Posted: Tue, 7th Oct 2008, 8:20pm

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razmataz1 wrote:

is this even possible?
Of course, how do you think they made it?

razmataz1 wrote:

Any Presets for something like this?
No, you'd need to go either with stock footage or a 3D animation of some sort.
Posted: Tue, 7th Oct 2008, 8:24pm

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The shot you referenced in that trailer might be possible with VisionLab or EffectsLab, but in order to use a preset if anyone makes one, you will have to register your software with the site, assuming you have already purchased it.

I find it unlikely, however, that the particle engine in the Lab products will accomplish this effect with anything more than mediocre results. Some sort of 3D application with a particle engine would be more suited to this type of effect.
Posted: Wed, 29th Oct 2008, 5:38am

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Detonation films have stock footage of glass cracking. I bought their sd package of unit 11. It is awesome. I will be buying their hd version soon. They are a pleasure to deal with and they do custom work. Their stock footage is rather cheap and extreemly effective. The site url is This will take you to the glass page. Good luck.
Posted: Wed, 24th Nov 2010, 2:04pm

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Hey i need to do something simaler and I've already figured it out. I'm gonna ado a HP film about Death Eaters and stuff, and I've found a quite simple way to do this.

1: make sure that you time everything (acting and all parts of this instruction at least the ones were i put an "8" by it) with an 8 count (trust me, it's effective)

2: build a small version of your set with SUGAR GLASS

3: get a small explosive of some kind (or anything that will explode with enough force to brake the glass. Not sure but I think baking soda volcano stuff might work.)

4: "8"-film your small set and on whatever number o the count you chose, Just blow that glass up! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

5: "8"-film your actors infront of a greenscreen and count and make sure that on the same count as when the glass breaks, the thing that breaks it happens(bullet impact,spell,etc)
6" just composite your greenscreen and stuff in visoinlab (or whatever you use) and you're done!
Posted: Tue, 24th May 2011, 10:21pm

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there is maya and houdini are other witch is good for that with preset and sculpturing but very costly but fx is very good to use