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AlamDV2 and Photoshop

Should AlamDV add a mode where you can work with your photoshop?

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Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 9:42am

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Is there any way to work with both of these programs simultaniously?
say i want to put an effect being an item but infront of a background, I dont want to do the background, go to alamdv, go back to the pic by print screening and doing such, (Not even talking about the fact i lost my layers now) and then add the item...

It ruins everything...

This ofcourse is talking about pictures, avatars and signatures...

Care to either explain or think about this idea? maybe adding something that can work with photoshop?
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 3:19pm

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Wha-? biggrin I don't quite get what you're saying, Xfurball...
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 4:03pm

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In photoshop, i use layers
But say i want to put an alamdv effect behind an item i have on one layer but infront of another on the bg?

What i have to do for this now is:

1) I open photoshop and paint the bg with whatever and save
2) I open alamdv, start a new project and do the effect then printscreen
3) go to photoshop, open a new pic and paste (losing all my layers)
4) add the last layer in photoshop

Now im down to 2 layers. the effect is stuck to the background, and i dont want that, OR to go through all these stages...
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 4:17pm

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Macs do not have that problem of losing your layers from Photoshop to AlamDV. In fact all my layers stay intact when I send whatever image into Final Cut Pro. It's a seamless interface and I love it. I do not know what can help you. Sorry.