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Halloween party was a success!

Posted: Sat, 25th Oct 2008, 7:04pm

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Hi everyone. I thought I'd drop a quick note on my results from the Halloween party I shot last night.

I used a Nikon D3 tethered to my laptop via Nikon's Camera Control Pro 2 software. I used my 4 speedlights to light the backdrop and a monolight with a big softbox for the subject. I then printed 4x6 prints with my HP B9180 printer.

The Photokey software worked great. The only time I ran into problems was when kids costumes contained green. Of course, that is to be expected but I didn't really have a work around and just had to explain to parents why their kids were disappearing smile. The kids all thought it was a hoot!

After it was all said and done, here's what I think. First, the HP is a WONDERFUL printer but too slow for event photography. I got backed up waiting for the prints to come out. Second, please get rid of the horizontal and vertical sliders in the position tab. Make it so I can just click and drag the foreground image. Third, please add some way to add a quick mask so that I can "draw" over parts of the image that I don't want keyed. That way, I could quickly correct for green in the kids costumes etc. And finally, I think I'll add another softbox next time for the subject.

Overall, I was happy and the parents where happy too. Here's a quick sample of my kids.


Posted: Thu, 30th Oct 2008, 2:41pm

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Hey! That's great - love your kids. I just have the demo of photkey and am trying to decide whether to buy the full programme. This is swaying me.
Posted: Thu, 30th Oct 2008, 2:51pm

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Heh, love the picture. That Buzz Lightyear costume is fantastic.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure the designers see it. Some of your ideas we're actually already looking into.
Posted: Sat, 1st Nov 2008, 4:00pm

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Awesome pic. What a great idea for Halloween. We did something similar for the office Halloween party. It's also a fun effect to apply some green / blue shading and adjust the transparency setting to turn noncostumed folks into ghosts smile