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bullet hit effect

Posted: Sun, 26th Oct 2008, 6:13am

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I am trying to make a bullet hit effect using fxlab software, but don't know how. The idea I have in mind is to darken my friends arm with a magic marker (in shape of bullet hole), then putting that videotaped footage into fxlab, and covering the black hole via masking of matte (I'm not sure; I'm very new to this), or maybe by even using skin color from another part of his arm and painting it until the "bullet hit effect" takes place. Is this possible with compsite or visionlab? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Posted: Thu, 26th Mar 2009, 5:55am

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Wait a minute. So you want the bullet to travel through his arm, so there will be a clear hole? Or do you want something a like a bloody wound? If you want a clear hole, it wouldn't be realistic looking, but you can mask out the permenant marker. But if you want something more realistic, I suggest making a wound. You don't always need special effects for these types of things biggrin , sometimes I find it easier to use props. I would recommend that you buy a small bloodbag at the store, or use red dye that is slightly tainted dark to give it a realistic touch. I don't think you seriously need to add special effects to this video (besides the bullet/muzzle flash). Plus I don't find that the blood presets look realistic enough. But do what you want to do! You might find it that you can create a really awesome blood effect, I can't at all. I think that this effect would be very possible with Visionlab, good luck. Hope this stuff helped.
Posted: Fri, 27th Mar 2009, 12:25am

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Do you have to see the bullet travel into his arm? Cause if not, you can show it traveling towards him, then show from a different angle so you don't see the impact.

Other options are to have it shoot into his sleeve, and the cloth folds over it and you can't see the bullet hole.

Or use the new gore stock footage. I saw a bullet hole in the frenzied trailer.