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We're not in Kansas Anymore

Posted: Sun, 26th Oct 2008, 8:16am

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Hey guys,

I haven't come to fxhome in AGES, literally, a couple years. Last I browsed the forums I think EffectsLab had just been announced and Sollthar had just come back from shooting the promo footage in the UK.

I took a look at the current Product lineup, and I gotta, say, I'm very impressed. I remember the days of AlamDV and all the joy it brought me adding muzzle flashes or explosions to my little homemade movies. I still have the (even as of yet, unreleased) RedFruit 2 movie kickin around somewhere that used all these wonderful things. Ah, what fun was had!

For those that remember me, a warm howdy and those many thousands (im sure) of users in the last couple of years to have come across here, that's awesome!

Watching the comprehensive videos makes me want to grab my camera and go shoot something! So you guys are definitely doing something right!

As for me, the last couple of years I finished my Film Degree, but have been focusing on more dramatic/comedic projects without the use of effects (or in some cases, practical, not digital) so I haven't had a submission here in 3 years. I love the way the cinema looks now and the Box Office Idea behind it.

Great work! Keep it up.
Posted: Sun, 26th Oct 2008, 8:25am

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Cy the movie guy! You're awesome! It's funny you came back, I was just watching some of your shorts in the cinema the other day.
Posted: Wed, 29th Oct 2008, 8:02pm

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Oh snap! Just saw you post in another topic. Welcome back!
Posted: Thu, 30th Oct 2008, 2:31am

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It's odd that I feel like I've seen you around the forums; your last post before this month was just before I joined. Maybe I've seen old posts by you or something.

Well... welcome back all the same! smile
Posted: Thu, 30th Oct 2008, 3:47am

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Travis Kunze

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Welcome Back!! Yeah were all having fun with the new products from FXHOME!