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3D artists

Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 7:59pm

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owen rixon

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I was just wondering how many people in the Alam community have a proper knowledge of 3D. There are plenty of people who submit 3D space craft ect, but most of those are just downloaded meshes. I would like to know how many people can actually model, rig, animate and render their own 3D models and make their own textures. If so, what programs do you use and do you know scripting (MEL, SDK) and do you work for any companies.
Thank you.
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 8:13pm

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Hmm, im just a padawan yet, but im learning, yes i am!
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 8:45pm

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I'm inbetween an amatuer user and an fairly good user. I can create simple models and animate them ( not character animation though, thats a whole different ball game). I don't paint own textures but with the huge amount of online resources and my digital camera I rarely have to.

I used to be a designer in the engineering industry working on cad systems, so I have the skills, just not the time to do anything complicated.

I use Cinema 4D as I find it is the easiest to use but still gives great results. The renderer is excellent. I do the 3d stuff for my own fun, (I will never be good enough to be paid to do it smile ).
Posted: Mon, 29th Jul 2002, 10:04pm

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I am probably also between padawin and semi-confident. I admit to using meshes, but rendering and positioning are also both important skills. I use 3DS Max and have enough knowledge to be able to produce meshes of my own. I just find it handy when people make requests to use meshes that might already exist and render them to suit the needs. I don;t see this a problem but certainly want to improve my 3D ability to be able produce high quality meshes. Judge as you will. KermZ
Posted: Tue, 30th Jul 2002, 4:14am

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mel script and max script have many uses
max script is usually used to make plugins for 3dsmax
mel script is way useful
i used it in one great way "expressions"
suppose you want to animate a charater walking from point A to B
SIMPLE right?
see fist u'll have to move the top part of the body then animate the legs along with it. but using mel script when u move the leg along a surface
the rest of the body moves along. so u get realistic movement
ps: watch out for max 5 its gonna be like maya3
Posted: Tue, 30th Jul 2002, 7:00am

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i use truespace

there is a programme that can turn 2d into 3d, i forget whats it's called now.
maybe someone on here knows, i think you take 2 photos then scan them in. ?

also this is for fun, digimask, 2 jpeg shots of your head, submit, and hay presto a free 3d head of you, worth looking at.