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Who should be a SuperUser?

Posted: Tue, 30th Jul 2002, 9:47pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to tell you all about an important vote that is going on right now. As the community has grown so quickly we are looking to increase the amount of SuperUsers - the guys that help you solve all the AlamDV related problems.

There are several people in the vote this time so please make sure you have your say by picking the person you think is the most helpful on the AlamDV forum. We have 3 days till the vote is closed and the winner joins the respected team of AlamDV SuperUsers.

View and vote HERE...

Good luck to all those involved.

Posted: Fri, 2nd Aug 2002, 3:47pm

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was the lightning that struck your offices the red or blue plug in.

sorry.. lol
Posted: Fri, 2nd Aug 2002, 4:46pm

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I gave you a +1 4 that!

Joke 1: No, it was the green tingle kind.

Joke 2: The poor custodian. He was caught on security camera getting zapped and no one believed him. The all just said "Ah... you did that in ALAMDV2!"