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FAQ: Macintosh Specific Problems (MacOS9/X)

Posted: Wed, 31st Jul 2002, 11:38am

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Joshua Davies

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Here is a list of the frequently asked questions about the Mac platform running both MacOS9 and MacOSX.

QUESTION - When I start AlamDV2 there are no plugins in the Effects menu?

ANSWER - On the Macintosh version of AlamDV2 you need to run the PluginLoader first to install the plugins. Each time you add new plugins you need to run the PluginLoader to update AlamDV2 with your new additions.

QUESTION - When I export QuickTime AlamDV2 crashes?

ANSWER - The fix would appear to be to save your QuickTime file to the Macintosh Desktop - apparently that solves the problem.

QUESTION - When will AlamDV2 be ported to MacOSX?

ANSWER - The upcoming release of AlamDV3 will be fully Mac OS X compatible. There will be a special upgrade price. Anybody that bought AlamDV2 after January 1st 2003 gets a free upgrade.

QUESTION - AlamDV2 comes with a special PluginLoader for OSX but how do I reliably install plugins under OS9?

ANSWER - You use the same PluginLoader under MacOS9. The latest version that comes in the current installer is very stable compared to previous versions although it is still better under MacOSX . To make sure things go smootly under MacOS9 give the PluginLoader lots of RAM and only try to load a few plugins at a time.

QUESTION - AlamDV2 sometimes crashes in MacOSX for no reason?

ANSWER - AlamDV2 is a MacOS9 only application, and while most users have no problems running it in Classic (OS9 emulation under MacOSX) a few users have reported stability problems. This problems are normally solved by making sure your MacOS9 install is working correctly and all your MacOS9 software is up-to-date. Third part software installed in your MacOS9 system can make Classic very unstable during certain tasks. AlamDV2 be more reliable under MacOS9 than under Classic emulations on MacOSX.

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Posted: Wed, 31st Jul 2002, 12:41pm

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Also to add my bit, I find things work better if you keep quicktime trim in BOTH os's, IE don't do what I did, buy QT Pro, then only enter the code in OSX redface
Posted: Mon, 3rd Feb 2003, 10:06am

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Is there already a date of os X release known ? rolleyes
Posted: Mon, 3rd Feb 2003, 4:56pm

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Is there going to be an update to the original thread? eek