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Multi pass compositing

Posted: Sun, 23rd Nov 2008, 6:28pm

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Hello All,
I have an interesting question here.

My 3D app is soon to get a new update which includes Multi Pass rendering biggrin So, i have had the chance to beta test a pre release version in an effort to try the new features and identify bugs early (great fun it is too).
So to my question, i have loaded my background footage at the bottom of the stack and from there we have the following layers on the VisionLab time line:

Ambient light, Diffused Light, Specular Light, Reflection and shadow

All looks great and i very much like the fact that each layer can be edited independently to get things looking just right rather than re-rendering the whole thing again because one part didn't look right.

My problem is this, In my scene (background footage) there is part of an object that my CG element has to be behind so here we go with the famous masking/roto work sad I suddenly discover that the said mask(s) also has to be on each and every layer above it. All worked fine by doing this but, ow my god, imagine the increased preview/render time required. confused

So my question finally arrives..... Is there a way to produce a mask/roto once and have it affect all the layers without copying & pasting to all the other layers and increasing render time a lot ???

I sure hope there's a workaround cos this is a right pain

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Posted: Sun, 23rd Nov 2008, 7:24pm

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i think you can use a garbage matte on only the c g element, where it has to be behind whatever the object is, that way it won't affect your grade objects. at least i think that would work. what 3D app are you using?
Posted: Mon, 24th Nov 2008, 1:07am

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If what you are talking about is having to re-roto each layer, just roto one layer and copy and past the mask on to all the other ones (After you are done rotoscoping and animating.).