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FXhome's Xmas Bundle Deals

Posted: Wed, 26th Nov 2008, 6:21pm

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Joshua Davies

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This year we’ve got some great offers for filmmakers and photographers. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own toolkit or want to buy the perfect holiday gift for someone, we’ve got what you need.

The FXhome Xmas Bundles contain various combinations of our award winning software, packed together with amazing extras all at discount prices - it’s about giving you more choice and more products for less money.

VisionLab PREMIUM Bundle

• VisionLab Studio

• VideoWrap!

• 10' x 16' greenscreen

• Footage: Special Effects

• Learn: Beach Landing & Superheroes DVD

• Green Screen Lighting DVD

The PREMIUM Bundle represents incredible value for money, including FXhome’s flagship visual effects software, VisionLab Studio, plus a large greenscreen, stock footage, two tutorial DVDs and a free copy of our video conversion utility VideoWrap.

All of this is available for only $529, which is only $30 more than the normal price of VisionLab Studio! With over a 30% discount, there has never been a better time to get into visual effects filmmaking.

Don’t worry if you already own VisionLab Studio - we haven’t forgotten you! You can upgrade to the PREMIUM Bundle for the further discounted price of just $230. If you already own VideoWrap you can even give away your new copy to a friend.

Upgrade options for all Lab users can be found in the new online store.

VisionLab Bundle

• VisionLab Studio

• Footage: Special Effects

• Learn: Beach Landing & Superheroes DVD

We like to give you different options to suit your budgets, so here we have the standard VisionLab Bundle. Get the most out of VisionLab Studio with the bundled tutorials DVD and stock footage collection - find out how to make amazing war and superhero movies, then create your own!

Available for $399.

VisionLab Xmas Deal

We’re also offering VisionLab Studio on its own for a special Xmas price of just $349. But if you’re looking for tutorials, stock footage or greenscreens don’t forget to check out the bundles above.

PhotoKey 2 Bundle

• PhotoKey 2

• 10' x 16' greenscreen

• Overlays: Greeting Cards

• Green Screen Lighting DVD

The perfect starter pack for aspiring greenscreen photographers, this includes the latest PhotoKey 2 compositing software, a large greenscreen, a collection of high quality greeting card overlays and an in-depth greenscreen tutorial DVD.

Available for just $199, or $149 if you’re upgrading from PhotoKey 1.

CompositeLab Bundle

• CompositeLab Pro

• 10' x 16' greenscreen

• Green Screen Lighting DVD

Containing everything you need to get started - the CompositeLab Pro software, a 10' by 16' greenscreen and an in-depth tutorial DVD - this bundle is the perfect way to discover the magic of video compositing.

Available for just $219.

EffectsLab Bundle

• EffectsLab Pro

• Footage: Special Effects

• VideoWrap

Bring your movies to life with a huge stock footage collection and the power of EffectsLab Pro.

Available for just $199.