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The Ultimate Weapon Attack Of The Cyborg

Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 12:08pm

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The Final Version is Finally here of "THE ULTIMATE WEAPON ATTACK OF THE CYBORG" enjoy
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Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 12:39pm

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loved, loved, loved the opening! The wall was very well done. Very much improved. I liked the music and the FX.

A couple of improvement tips (take with a grain of salt and I am trying to keep in mind the same things)

1. The people watching the film don't know what is going to happen.
So, make it easy for people like tard so they don't go crazy or eek and instead go biggrin

I lost who was the cyborg. An easy fix would be have the good guy in white and bad in black.

2. The music cut out strangely.
3. Very dark in spots.

Little fixes but I liked very much! Keep up the good work.
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 12:52pm

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Hey not a bad little movie. A bit messy, but pretty good. Is this your first film? Try next time to have more of a story instead of a bunch of special effects shots stuck together. Also what happened at the end? Left it on a bit of a cliffhanger. Also like another user posted. The music kind of cut out rather abruptly. Try to fade it into the next piece of music rather than just have it cut straight into the next piece.
Don't get offended by anything I have said. I mean. What do I know.
Look foward to seeing more of your work in the future.
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 12:57pm

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Rating: +1

you guys have said what i was about to say mad

some good use of fx ( couldn't keep away from the sabre !!!)

just left me a tard crazy
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 1:13pm

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It's as if all u lot read my mind, i have no further comments about this, just what has already been mentioned, look forwarding to seeing more stuff - try and get better actors wink
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 2:44pm

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The music was very good, although, as other people said, don't cut between pieces too much. Some of the scenes went a little too quick, like when the cyborg blew up the car, but overall, very good. 5 stars. biggrin
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 6:39pm

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thanks for all the comments keep them coming biggrin
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 6:57pm

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Cool stuff... I esp. liked how the cyborg (you?) squished the bullet lol
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 7:21pm

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Yep, i agree with everyone esle on this. The soundtrack could be better. Besides that though, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Great use of effects, and the camera angles were decent, so it didn't look too amateur. Great work!
Posted: Thu, 1st Aug 2002, 8:11pm

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On a whole good job. I think some of the quick edits from far away shots to far away shots are hard to follow. Maybe next time go from a far to medium to a far. I think you get me point. But good idea for the movie. Oh and the cyborg confusion left me a little tard and crazy, but on a whole good job

Posted: Fri, 2nd Aug 2002, 1:05pm

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I thoroughly enjoyed it.....a great little movie....the pace was spot on.
...the fx handled extremely well............more to come?
Posted: Fri, 2nd Aug 2002, 4:39pm

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That was defintely better than the other one. Good use of our explosions, and the combinations of effects. Music: bad. Actually, the music itself wasn't bad, but the way you stuck it together was.

Better than fool skool! Three stars cause you used alamdv well. And cause that cyborg looked like the 'gamecube' kid at our school!

PS: It looks like the end was filmed at a school .. . am i right? razz
Posted: Fri, 2nd Aug 2002, 5:57pm

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thanks for the comments guys keep em coming and yes mecha your right
Posted: Sat, 3rd Aug 2002, 12:45pm

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What was the music you used?
Good Movie LOVED the cyborg had laser effect when he blows up the car!
Posted: Mon, 26th Aug 2002, 11:36am

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Really good movie!!! I just would have held some of the shots longer and maybe give more of an intro or background to the cyborg. If you really wanted to get into the movie, you could have something like a flashback sequence to let the audience know more about the cyborg or why the other kid knew he was a cyborg and wanted to get rid of it... also, the explosion at the beginning (the one aimed towards the girl) I wouldn't have placed it on the road... Maybe on the grass across the street or something but it doesn't look like the explosion was really there, ya know? Well I'm sorry if I ripped your movie apart. It was really good. Just take my suggestions with a grain of salt and KEEP FILMIN!!!!! biggrin
Posted: Fri, 20th Sep 2002, 1:06am

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may seem stupid to write this since its been sooo long but responding to ggbros Question ok i'll put them in order: Tomb raider Theme then pompeii (from the spiderman trailer) then Farewell (from the spiderman movie) then pompeii once more then finished it off with some more tomb raider music biggrin