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How do I make a smoke cloud grow from small to large.

Posted: Sun, 30th Nov 2008, 8:05pm

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I know this proboably has been adressed but here it goes..My son made a war movie and he wants me to put in a artillary explosion in the backround and then have a house start to billow smoke..Now I have been able to make theexplosion but my problem is using the "Smoke Pillar preset" to start small then grow in about 60frames...I just cant figure out what is the best way to set the Emitter Attributes so the smoke starts small then "tweens" to a large billow . Everytime I try it it jumps from small to large or changes it attributes..I really dig this program and my son loves it too...Can someone please direct me to a guide or some quick fixes..
Posted: Sun, 30th Nov 2008, 9:36pm

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Paradox Pictures

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It is actually very simple. What you need to do is Go to the right pannel. Twards the bottom there are two boxes that say:Speed: RandomizerandSize: Randomizer. Above Each bar is a short rectangle. Click on the rectangle above Size: Randomizer. The White line is your speed bar. Click on the Small pentagon twards the top of the white line on the left. Use the bar at the top of the window to adjust the starting size. By clicking on any part of the line will create a new keyframe which you can adjust. So by lowering the lwhite line on the left and raising the line on the right you can make the particles grow. How close the keyframes are will depend on when or how fast they grow.

I hope this helps!
Posted: Mon, 1st Dec 2008, 12:15am

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I don't think that helped....Maybe I should trying to clarify what is going on...I want to use the "smoke Pillar Preset' and I want it to start out really small for 4 or 9 key frames...then gradually build it up to a large ploom of smoke after the 30th keyframe....Everytime I set the smoke at the first key frame by changing the attributes and then jump ahead a few key frames and change the attributes some more till I get to what I want...
My first Keyframe now has changed from a small pillar of smoke to a large one...What am I doing wrong here?

I know I am missing the obvious on this...
Thanks for any help

Posted: Mon, 1st Dec 2008, 9:31am

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Particle properties can't be tweened, as they affect individual particles rather than the entire effect.

You could try adjusting the 'scale' slider, or using multiple versions of the particle to accomplish this effect.