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help me choosing video camera

Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2008, 11:37am

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Rene K B

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I want to buy a new video Camera. what do you suggest if I want to Buy Visions Lab? HD? or what? help me smile
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2008, 11:39pm

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well, what camera can you afford right now? A couple years ago, I was in search for a good camera myself, and still on a limited budget. I needed something with good image quality, microphone (but not XLR) input, audio/headphone input to listen to the audio/dialogue (I'm a moviemaker)... and something with a pretty good variety of manual functions ... so I found my true love .... Canon's HV20. It does everything I was looking for. Records in HDV, and can downconvert the footage (IN CAMERA!) before capturing, just in case your computer can't handle HDV footage, which mine doesn't. It is far easier (I hear) to edit in HDV than in the flash memory, Hard-disk-drive camcorders, and takes much less computer power. The Canon hv20 runs a little over 900 bucks, but since then they've come out with HV30, which is basically the same, except a sleek, cooler, black body and only a $549.00 price tag on Amazon (at this moment!!), which is really dirt cheap for a camera with such good features ... I've shot in 16mm film before (expeeeeensive), and this, the HV20/30, in certain conditions, comes close (in my personal opinion) to 16mm film. With proper lighting and color correction, you can do wonders with the camera.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Dec 2008, 1:40am

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i have the SONY HDR SR12 and its awesome!!! fantastic HD 1920x1080i eye candy all in a 120gb package with MS slot if needed!!!!
very very happy with it biggrin
Posted: Wed, 3rd Dec 2008, 8:49am

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Halivud Estevez

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There are some new consumer Panasonic camcorder with 25p (24p)
Some has (focus or zoom) ring around the lens.
this is something like Pana 100S or something.

PANA HDC-SD100 with ring, and with mic input.
PANA HDC-SD9EP with 25P but without ring and mic input.

(they offer 5.1 builtin mic, but that's for marketing purposes)

(the DVX100 was a great camera, unfortunately HDV killed it)
Posted: Wed, 3rd Dec 2008, 8:52am

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Halivud Estevez

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Pana hvx200

Pana hmc150

Check them out, if you can afford.