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Suitability for teenager of this product

Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2008, 1:15pm

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I have a teenager who would like to make a video with special effects and is very keen on getting the composite lab and effects lab. I want to start off with the Composite lab as a Christmas present and get him to save up for the effects lab. I just want to check how suitable it is for a 14 year old with very little experience in a fairly un computer literate household! I was thinking of getting the latest Pinnacle software, which also has a green screen fuction, and then getting effects lab afterwards for the special effects once he had soem video editing experience. I also wondere if Composite lab does everything Pinnacle Ultimate does in the way of file management, burning DVDs etc. Would Pinnacle be compatible with effects lab?
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2008, 1:19pm

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Simon K Jones

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Welcome to FXhome! Thanks for your interest.

There are lots of users here who are around your son's age, so that shouldn't be a problem. There is a learning curve to our software, as with any, so if he is inexperienced at video editing in general it won't be something he can just pick up and get great results with immediately. Understandably, most people tend to have some experience in general video editing before moving on to special effects.

Our software doesn't do general editing or DVD burning etc. CompositeLab and EffectsLab are designed for very specific purposes - compositing and effects. For other tasks you'd want a general editing suite.

I'm not overly familiar with the Pinnacle software, but you might also want to look into the Sony Vegas family of editing products. They have some great value options that are affordable but still very high quality. Other editing products with low prices have a tendency to also be rather low quality, alas.

You may also be interested in our new CompositeLab Bundle, which includes a greenscreen and tutorial DVD. It's a good collection if you're just getting started.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2008, 2:17pm

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Travis Kunze

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I'm 15 myself, going on 16 next month, I Started in visual effects when I was 14. I would recommend the Sony Vegas Family for general video editing as Tarn Suggested. It's a great piece of software. For Visual Effects I would go with Effects Lab or Vision Lab, and for greenscreen composting you'd want to use Composite Lab or Vision Lab.