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Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2008, 12:45am

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there is a chat problem where it says im loged in but when i type something noone aswers when it says they are there.
Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2008, 1:51am

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Why should he get a -1 for this? Come on guys, give him a break! Please. It is ridiculous.
Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2008, 2:16am

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yea, i agree with dvstudio. But they probably don't respond because they aren't at the computer.
Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2008, 9:09am

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It's not actually a problem, most of the time there isn't a constant conversation going on in the chat. Some users are basically logged in all day, even if they aren't always at their computer, or they may be busy working on something else and not paying attention to the chat all the time.