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Should I put models feet on blue backdrop?

Posted: Tue, 9th Dec 2008, 12:37am

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If I take a picture of the model, where should I put her feet?
If you keep the distance 5-6ft from backdrop, than you can avoid blue/green spill on edges. But if you use 21 ft long backdrop to let the model put her feet on, then you get background spill on feet and legs. I tried direct strobe light to the ceiling. Subject’s lighting works fine, except…the bottom part. I’ve got the shadow instead of color halo.
Another problem: what do you do with a lace veil if you can see a green/blue backdrop through it?
Posted: Wed, 10th Dec 2008, 11:17am

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As long as you don't have really hard shadows around the feet then it should work fine. We've done photos and video with people standing on and around greenscreens without any problems. Try to get the lighting around the feet nice and diffuse, to avoid big dark shadows, and you should be fine.

As for semi-transparent materials...they can be tricky, and my main recommendation would just be to experiment, really. As long as you've got a top quality greenscreen setup, including decent lighting, then it should work.

For the 'superheroes' video we made recently, for example, the girls' costume included a semi-transparent flowing shawl. I didn't realise this until we got on set, at which point I nearly had a panic attack...but thankfully it worked out fine, and the semi-transparency keyed without any problems.

I'd definitely recommend doing some tests in advance, though, as results will vary greatly depending on the screen, the lighting and the specifics of the lace.
Posted: Wed, 10th Dec 2008, 3:44pm

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Thank you, I'll do some tests