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An easy way to clone in Elab

Posted: Sat, 13th Dec 2008, 2:55am

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I have found a way to do easy cloning in effects lab pro.

It requires:
-2 clips or still images of your actor
-A Camera
-Effects Lab Pro(Vlab and Clab work different)

In this tutorial, I am using three clones but it works kind of the same way.

So first open Elab, select new project and select your settings.

When it has come up go to the media browser

And import your clips that you want to work with.

Then put your fist clip on the timeline,

Like that.

Then put your next clip on top of that,

Like this.

Since I am using three clones I am going to put my third clip on top of that,

Like this.

Now see how the images are all transparent, that is because Elab is not a good compositing program.

But we are going to fix the transparency.

After you have put your clips in the timeline, select your first clip and go to mask.

And add a "Square" mask.

What you want to do now is to grab the mask's edges and pull them over your 2nd and 3rd clips like the image below.(If you are using two clips, put it over just the other one)

You also might want to add a bit of feather as well to make it look better.

(Ignore this step on the 2nd video if you are only using two clips, insted you would use the 3rd video's mask.)

Now, select your 2nd clip and click mask.

Then add a "Square" mask again and pull it over your 3rd clip,

Like this.

You can add a bit of feather again if you want the mask to look better.

Next, click Mask on the same clip and add an "Object Mask".

Then set the input to your first clip and make sure the composite is alpha and invert mask:on.

This is what your clip should look like(if you are using three clips)

Now for the next step(This step would be the second step for people using two clips) go to your third clip(or second if using two clips) and click mask.

And add another "Object Mask".

Set the first input to your second clip(or first if using two clips)
and set the composite to alpha and Mask inverted.

Ands thats the tutorial!

Please tell me if this was helpful. I might do a tut with 2 clips in the future.

Hope it helped! smile
Posted: Sat, 13th Dec 2008, 3:54am

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Clever. I first opened this thread thinking, "There are already several tutorials on how to clone in EffectsLab." But after reading through it, I discovered that not only was the tutorial fairly easy to follow, with liberal use of screenshots to make things clear, but it used an entirely diffferent technique than any of the existing tutorials, which was both clever and innovative.
Posted: Sat, 13th Dec 2008, 2:20pm

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Nice tutorial! Thanks for posting. biggrin