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First video made in Vlab.

Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2008, 3:47pm

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Ok so yeah. This is my first video made in Vlab. Its called Gun Fight.

I tryed to cram as many effects as possible into this short video.

People were also discussing how to do a Jumper Teleport effect. Well I tryed it and I think I made one that looks just as good or even better than the ones done in After Effects. It took me two hours to make. I might upload it later.
Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2008, 4:28pm

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lol, not bad at all.
Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2008, 6:57pm

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that was pretty good! Especially for your first try! the greenscreen work was awesome the head blowing off looked great I have nothing else to say except MAKE MORE.