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Help with FXperience

Posted: Mon, 22nd Dec 2008, 2:44am

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What is it? How much of it do u need to do certain things?
Posted: Mon, 22nd Dec 2008, 5:15am

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The only thing FXperience does is enable you to upload a larger Avatar. For every ten FXperience you gain 1 pixel. The largest avatar you can upload is 80x80 pixels, which is equal to 800 FXperience.

Another thing having FXperience is good for is when you transfer some of yours to another member of this board. The more you have the more you can send per day.
Posted: Sun, 25th Jan 2009, 3:46pm

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if you buy won of the main products such as compositelab or visionlab
then you will get 400 fx perience