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Trouble Using Green Screen

Posted: Thu, 25th Dec 2008, 2:12am

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How do I put myself in a jungle. I have a video of me in front of my green screen and a picture of a jungle. How do i put myself in a jungle with out the jungle covering me(how do i get the jungle to be the backround?)I have a mac PLZZ HELP!!
Posted: Thu, 25th Dec 2008, 2:44am

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Import both clips into CompositeLab. Add the background to the timeline. Then add the Greenscreen footage to the timeline. Then key out the green. That should be it.

The order of the layers on the timeline directly corresponds to the layers in the canvas. So just make sure that the background layer is below the foreground layer and you should be good. You can drag the layers around at any time to rearrange their order.