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Need help with effects

Posted: Sat, 27th Dec 2008, 3:51pm

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I have uploaded my video and i want to do some effects but in the toolbox thing when i click on effects there is only a thing that says grade object and when i click on it there is just a bunch of stuff that changes the color of my project how can i get other preset effects?
Posted: Sat, 27th Dec 2008, 5:34pm

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There are no effects in CompositeLab. In order to add effects, you will have to buy EffectsLab. Or VisionLab Studio. CompositeLab is designed specifically for compositing work of many sorts, and works very well for that purpose. It has an enormous toolset to make compositing easier, including many types of keying filters, pre-key grading, masks and garbage mattes, and a wide assortment of grading filters to ensure that the various pieces of your composite can be convincingly blended together, but creating effects is not one of the things it was designed to do.