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Trouble making muzzle flash stay put on first pass.

Posted: Sun, 28th Dec 2008, 11:03pm

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Hey guys,

i was doing a small video to do some muzzle flash testing....but im having this problem. When i edit the muzzle flashes in to there appropriate spots throughout the spot facing left, one spot facing right...when i run the video, the muzzle flash automatically turns towards the right WHILE its supposed to be firing to the left instead of staying put.

is there a way to turn this feature off? I had to go back to the beginning of the video and re edit the original position to get it to stay put.
Posted: Mon, 29th Dec 2008, 2:06am

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Are you trying to apply muzzle flashes to multiple guns with a single effect? I'm a bit unclear on what exactly is happening, but I'm assuming you are using an automatic preset which includes multiple flashes? Of so, is the barrel being waved around erratically? Can you possible provide a link to a short clip showing the problem?

If you have multiple guns, I'd recommend using a seperate effect for each of them. The tweening which happens with the keyframes is used to keep the effect moving smoothly without having to manually position each frame. I suspect that this is just a matter of getting more familiar with how the positioning system and the animation controls work.
Posted: Thu, 8th Jan 2009, 4:20am

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sir alex

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if you are trying to keep it in one place until it needs to be in another place without it animating put the muzzle flash in the place you wish it to be then go to the frame before where you want it's position to change and then click on the part of the muzzle flash for moving it without moving it and then you can go to the next frame and put it in the place you want