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Playing my Imported clip in CompositeLab

Posted: Mon, 5th Jan 2009, 2:04am

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I know this is weird but i can figure out how to play my imported video clip in CompositeLab. I have the demo, trying to test the software out before purchasing it. I have window XP, and i have a freshly updated Direct X10 and Quicktime 7, I import my video clips into windows movie maker, like the video tutorials under you support tab say to do and I make sure that i save my video file as a DV-AVI NTSC file and when i import it into CompositeLab it loads it in but it doesn't play, it looks like a 5 min still clip instead of a 5 min movie clip. I test it out in the Toolbox media tab to see if it can play and also i drag the clip into the main workspace window and it wont play. Not sure if somethings checked off that shouldn't be in the settings. or if i should save the file as a different type, I have no clue... what do you think i should try?
Posted: Mon, 5th Jan 2009, 10:51am

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I thought DirectX10 was Vista only?

I've seen a few reports of WMM users reporting this recently. I can only assume that WMM is exporting to an unusual DV codec. It certainly shouldn't be a problem - DV footage from other editors works fine, and WMM certainly used to work fine as well. Perhaps a recent Microsoft update changed something?

You could try exporting to another format, but WMM is unfortunately extremely limited with regards to its output options.