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Multiple Green Screen Advice Please

Posted: Mon, 19th Jan 2009, 5:34pm

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Before I start this test, maybe somebody could tell me if I need to pursue a different strategy. I have four clips, 1st clip is actor in an interior set. 2nd clip is ext. of house with open window green screened to display actor in clip 1. 3rd clip is actor in front of green screen. 4th clip is stone fence with green screen above, to be displayed in front of other three clips. Plese bare with me, this all needs to come out as actor in 2nd clip behind the fence, talking to actor in clip 1 thru the open window. So, my question is, should I just put all four clips on tracks, clip 1 in track 1, clip 2 in track 2, etcetera, and go for a render??? Or should I render clips 1 and 2 to clip A and then render clips A and 3 to clip B, then clip B and 4 for my final render??? So, is the first route feasable at all, or will I have to take the second multiple render route? Is there anything I need to know about degredation of clip quality over multiple renders?

Any help or suggestions are welcomed, thanks in advance.
Posted: Mon, 19th Jan 2009, 8:21pm

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If you render to uncompressed, there won't be degradation over multiple renders. However, I can't see any benefits from a multiple-render composite such as you are describing. It seems much more logical to do it all at once, and will result in far less harddrive space being used, and lots of time saved in rendering.