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Purchasing Question

Posted: Wed, 21st Jan 2009, 8:38am

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If I have already bought Effectslab and Composite lab, is there any point in purchasing the Visionlab studio bundle? It's between that or the photolab bundle.
Posted: Wed, 21st Jan 2009, 11:06am

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There are many benefits to using VisionLab over the other two combined. Whether the benefits are useful to you only you can judge, though. smile


- Many additional grading filters.
- Additional effects like the lightning engine.
- Everything in a single interface, allowing combinations of effects not possible when using EffectsLab and CompositeLab separately.
- No time wasted rendering and transferring videos from one program to the other.
- Commercial license, allowing use without requiring a credit.
Posted: Wed, 1st Apr 2009, 5:06am

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No Degradation

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Before I give you any information, download the demo's first, mess around with them for a month, then make your choice...
-Edit: not sure if there is a photolab demo. confused

Visionlab is a HUGE improvement in your filmaking. Both Effectslab Pro and Compositelab Pro are excellent editors, and Visionlab takes you a leap further. It mainly depends on what you need for your filmaking. What do you need?

Few things about Visionlab:

-Visionlab has the electricity engine. I have grown fond of it. (not many electric presets to start off with, not too many to download... YET)
-Visionlab has extended both of Effectslab's and Compositelab's features. HUGE EXTENSION ON GRADING.
-much more...

If it were me, I would invest in Visionlab. But this is totally up to you, don't make your decision based on this.

While I don't think you actually need it, it offers more features then both Elab and Clab, but it is mostly an extension of the two. If you already have both, I don't think you will seriously need it. -just my opinion. But if you are a serious movie maker, and really find use of this, I would say go for it. BUT DOWNLOAD THE DEMO FIRST!

I can tell you Visionlab is a lot of fun, even though I don't actually own it... YET, I have played around in the demo for a long time, (which is basically the full version w/o presets)

Go with what you want! Have fun... biggrin

-heads up Fxhome... I am in the midst of creating an action/drama movie. It should be done by this summer... I will post a storyboard soon, just to see how everybody reacts! biggrin