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Posted: Wed, 21st Jan 2009, 8:35pm

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I am uploading my video in sections on Adobe Premiere Pro and then will export it to Vision Lab. Do I put all transitions in between footage in the Adobe program or do I export it and do this kind of work in Vision Lab?
Posted: Wed, 21st Jan 2009, 9:03pm

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Hello Lamplighters,
Keep playing on your timeline until you get all your clips and transitions the way you want them...When your ready for your effects only export from premier the clip(s) itself.

Premier, (although iv'e never used it) should allow you to select the individual clip pieces you've 'CUT' together into your movie and allow you to render out each one, one at a time, so you can load and apply your effects etc in VL then load/replace them on premiers time line to replace the originals.

One word of advice - render out each clip in a codec like Huffyuk, which is lossless to retain maximum quality for adding effects, when done, render in VL to the same codec.

Good Luck
Posted: Thu, 22nd Jan 2009, 12:03am

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You will want to render out of Premiere without any transitions. For example, if you have a clip requireing effects that will fade to black in the final version, you want the effects to be in the clip before you apply the fade. Otherwise, the clip will fade out from under the effect, when what you probably want is for the effect to fade out with the clip. So even if you apply transitions while creating the edit, you will want to make sure no transitions are applied before you export the clips to VisionLab.