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more lighting make it different colour

Posted: Wed, 11th Feb 2009, 4:18am

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i use the green back ground flexible cromakey..
when i use more lighthing ... after i put background and foreground into photo key ... the colour was different between the pictures not too much lighthing with more lighthing , where the pic with more lighthing on the back ground colour was scratch... is not full the same background's colour ...,but the the pic with not too much lighthing the background's colour was full the same colour
Posted: Wed, 11th Feb 2009, 4:51am

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In addition to having lots of light, its also important to keep the greenscreen as smooth as possible, and make sure the lighting is even, so you don't get hot spots, or areas where the lights are too bright. If you can upload an image or two to or some other webspace, and provide a link, that would be great. If we can see the images, then we can offer more helpful advice.