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Gamma/Darkening issues in VideoWrap

Posted: Fri, 13th Feb 2009, 4:32am

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I've noticed something since my the time I purchased VideoWrap and have refrained from talking about it until now (mainly because it didn't really affect my outdoor-shot footage).

I'm having pretty severe issues with VideoWrap changing the gamma of my footage and, in effect, darkening it overall. In the clip I just rendered out, it is dark as-is because it was shot at night, and VideoWrapping the footage just makes it too incomprehensibly dark.

I love VideoWrap and use it all the time, and am worried that I will have to actually purchase another compression software to distribute my latest film online.

The footage I am talking about can be found here:

Unfortunately I don't have source images on my computer to compare to (the original file is from an external HD), but the source is an uncompressed AVI upon which my target is to more clearly see the effect shot of the gun shooting the cable.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Regards, Ben
Posted: Fri, 13th Feb 2009, 11:00am

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Hmm, what setting are you using in VideoWrap?