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Posted: Sun, 22nd Feb 2009, 4:38pm

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Hey everyone...i've got a decent request

Now anyone whose played the game Fallout 3 knows about the V.A.T.S.
Now i need an effect that can mimic that, like the green highlited areas, the percentages to hit, the enemies name, etc...

If theres a way to already accomplish this without a new preset, please let me know

Thanks in advance
Posted: Sun, 22nd Feb 2009, 5:27pm

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Can't be done in a preset. Which is to say, I suppose it could be done using a neon light to draw each letter and sha;pe, but it would be a silly way to do it. You want to create an image of the overlay you want, and import that.
Posted: Sat, 28th Feb 2009, 8:55am

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just use the matrix view preset and overlap where you want,then maybe you could use the grading on the preset

hope i helped
Posted: Sat, 28th Feb 2009, 6:42pm

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I think this is what Axeman already said but i'm not sure.

Use a photo editer... photoshop, corel, or gimp.

Render a single frame or more if you need too in your fx home product as a png. or targa I believe.
Take that single image or however many you rendered and open them in your photo editer.
Creat a new layer which will have an alpha channel.
Select the alpha channel layer and draw on that. you'll be able too see the background layer underneath for accurate drawing.
You'll have to do this one at a time but draw the individual body parts that are being "scanned" or "targeted" hand, arm, leg, torso or head.
delete the background layer that you rendered from your fx home product.
You can do your grading in the photo editer or in your fx home product to get that edge detection and night scope efect.
save your work then start on your next body part.
When you're finished you can import them all into your fx home product and put ot all together.