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Anyone willing to make a Fairy plug in for Vision Lab?

Posted: Wed, 4th Mar 2009, 9:56am

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Hey I was looking at particle software and came across:

specifically the filter on page for in the animated example box for, "Examples of some of the effects that you can create with particle Illusion 3.0" the last one entitled "Sparkle Trail". It reminds me of a fairy. I previously made a fairy plug in for a fantasy film I've been working on now for... Well since 2001. The rough cut was shown at a festival in 2008 and we didn't do too bad at all. But the hard drive we held the film on and it's back... Well we had a computer cat-astrophy (spelled because a cat is to blame for the death of the work drive and the backup). So we lost all of our work. We are now recapturing the footage from the tapes and re-editing it. The visual quality seems higher for some reason, so I guess it's ok. We originally captured in Premiere 6.02b and edited a majority of it in Premiere Pro 2.0. Now we have Premiere CS4 and apparently something has changed with the codec, either it's vista or adobe, but it does look better.

But I digress, what we need is a fairy plug in, sparkly light with a slight trail. I like how that plug in looks in that other software, because the particles seem to be spawning off of the tail's particles... It looks somewhat magical. I was just curious if anyone out there was willing to make something like that or perhaps their own interpretation of a fairy.

I would be grateful.

William A. McDonald