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Creating Simple Titles In the Lab Products

Posted: Wed, 18th Mar 2009, 7:20am

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Right here we go. Due to a thread kinda dying I thought I'd post this tutorial I made for people who take a nose aroudn this area of the forums. Enjoy

Software Needed: GIMP

Step 1
Right, open up GIMP and create a new canvas with your videos settings on. I’m using the standard PAL resolution.

Step 2
Right, now just for a bit of freedom I always turn the canvas’s background layer to an Alpha Channel, this means you can delete it if you wish or you can even erase parts of it and it’ll go to a transparent background allowing you to create mattes, etc.

Step 3
Right, now it’s time to start getting the ball rolling. Here we will create the title now. Create it how you want but make sure it’s layering everything otherwise this could cause problems for you later. To make a new layer you can just click “Layers – New Layer”.

Here’s my example title. Don’t forget to create it how you want it to be otherwise you’ll end up moving things around later.

Step 4
Right, in your layer box the layers have eyes, if you click one it’ll hide the layer from being exported. You’ll need to do this for every single part of the image unless of course you want some bits to be stuck together and unmoveable. Obviously I’ve kept the background instead of deleting it because in the lab products your on a black canvas and it render black due to being transparent, so having black text and a black background is not really too clever.

Step 5
Just a quick export discussion. ALWAYS save your images as a .png not only is it a higher quality save but it also keeps a transparent background.

Step 6
Importing to the lab products now. This is important so get it right. When your product has loaded up click the “Create blank project and then set your settings to what they should be! If you’ve been making a title with the resolution of the PAL format then you need to create a canvas in the lab product with a PAL resolution.

Step 7
Right, time to import our title. To the top left you can see the toolboxwhich has a media click this and then click the yellow folder icon. Then just import your background (if you have one) and your other title pieces.

Also make sure you import them in the correct orders on the timeline, backgrounds on the bottom always and then whatever else in the right bits.

Step 8
Right, time to give the titles some effects. I’m using the grade tools that are found in the actual video themselves, this is because it only effects the selected track and not whatever is under it. Throw some effects on with some nicely placed keyframes. Remember the further the keyframes are from each other the slower the effect will occur. As you can see I’ve used a variation off a blur tool and a waves tool, each are set to the same spots on the timeline but because of the distance it means they will slowly fade into each other.

Step 9
Once your effects and quite possibly animating is done you should always pre-render your timeline which is the selected blue box in the near bottom left just next to the timecode.

And thus you should have the finished product which mine looks like this.

Hope this helped. The downside to this solution is that it may reduce quality a little bit but at least it's a title!
This was also done in Visionlab