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Halo ships?Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Sat, 10th Aug 2002, 1:04am

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I'm back online and suggesting plugins again after my three hour break. Has anyone played halo and if so can anybody make plugins out of the warthog,banshee, and the dropship? I know that you need meshes to make these kinds of thing so if you have some could you please make a plugin and if you dont then well you dont have to do anything. any feedback will help. thanks

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Posted: Sat, 10th Aug 2002, 1:08am

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I would really like to see some Halo ship plugins. But there is one problem, they are all video game graphics. So, with no 'real' looking ships, they would always look a little videogamish. It'd still be hella cool. And for those of you who haven't heard the news, check out these awesome in-game screens of Halo 2:,11104,562116,00.html
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 11:43pm

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yo yo yo, if u can get me meshes, i make, i make, smile...

i will take a look around the net, see if i can get soem meshes for 3ds max, they could be made into fairly cool plug-ins...

if not, i can't help razz , so i should probably shut up now, here i go, shutting up, yep, i am going to shut up, here i am, being all quiet, etc etc...
Posted: Mon, 12th Aug 2002, 12:36am

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they have some REALLY good pre-renderend screens of the vehicle models against a black background on the official halo site -

ya probably could just edit some of those - but halo plugins? halo's the best game ever but . . . . . making plugins out of a few still pictures isn't a good idea.
Posted: Mon, 12th Aug 2002, 2:18am

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youre right. they would not look that good
Posted: Mon, 12th Aug 2002, 2:23pm

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I found a buch of pictures with a ton of different angles so I'm making the tank now.
Posted: Mon, 12th Aug 2002, 4:36pm

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