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Where are the BIG firey explosion FXpreset?

Posted: Sun, 22nd Mar 2009, 8:07am

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I really do not not know how to word this question in a way that will get anyone to help, so i will tyr as best as i can.

I am trying to make those big firey explosions like the ones seen the FXHome demo reels. But I can't figure out which FXpreset to use in Particles. The explosions i found (smoke and space) aren't what I'm looking for. Aren't explosions included or are those explosions I see in the demo real from another FXpreset?

I hope this makes my question clearer than before.

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Posted: Sun, 22nd Mar 2009, 8:40am

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The explosions you see in the demo reel of Fxhome are from No Control Cinema's Stock Footage

You can also find some free stock footage on Detonation Films

Or you could just use some presets from the FXhome download page.
Enjoy smile
Posted: Sun, 22nd Mar 2009, 10:46am

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The explosions used, as said, aren't presets. They're from my stock footage collection (also partly available in much smaller scope from fxhome itself) found here:

Realistic explosions can't be done with a 2D particle system, and even with a 3D one it's a toughy.
Posted: Mon, 6th Apr 2009, 6:27pm

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sorry for tha delay in relpying. that's what i figured at first. but was hoping otherwise. Hmm, it woulkd be nice to be abe have explosions that i could cutsomize like presets. but thanks again dewdz, or is it doodz..meh whatver. thanks1
Posted: Mon, 6th Apr 2009, 7:34pm

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There are actually plugin(s), VERY expensive plugins for the big 3D packages like maya, max etc

These plugin(s) do a very respectable job of big CG explosions and are fully customizable. Problem is, you need to spend thousands on the 3D package 1st, then in the thousands for the relevent plugin and usually you'll require matchmoving software to allow it all to match up right.

For the little men like us this is usually out of our reach but it's possible for effects houses etc

That's where stock footage comes in although even if you had a million explosion clips they'll never be the exact one you need.

Getting 'close' is usually the acceptable end result anyone can expect to get.