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Posted: Tue, 24th Mar 2009, 2:33am

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Terminal Velocity

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Sorry if this is supposed to go in another forum, but how do you get FXperience by banners? I mean, if you put a banner on another forum and someone buys a product by clicking on it, how does the computer know to distrubute experience?

Also, does submitting movies gain experience, other than by donation?

Sorry if this is a dupe, but I'm desperate. Lol.
Posted: Tue, 24th Mar 2009, 3:01am

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It just knows, man, its a computer. It knows everything.

Every website keeps track of the IP address of everyone who visits it, and the website they came from to get there. It knows if anyone visited the site by clicking on your link.

Movies don't get you FXperience, but presets that are accepted into the library do.

You are desperate for FXperience? Keep in mind that just like real experience, FXperience will come with time. And other than allowing your avatar size to increase in the early stages, it doesn't serve any real function. And yeah, this probably should have gone in the Website forum, so I've moved it there for you.