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DV 1 Plug-ins

Posted: Sat, 10th Aug 2002, 5:03pm

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Any chance of some one having all the old AlamDV1 plug-ins around? I know, I know, I should up grade to DV2 but I'm kinda low on cash at the momment. I had quite a few of the old plug-ins but lost them when my HD crashed. Now, I don't expect to be treated like a customer because I got AlamDV1 for free from the MacAddict disk. Just wondering.
Posted: Sat, 10th Aug 2002, 5:42pm

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i don't think they're gonna be putting ADV1 plugins up because of bandwidth issues . . . . it's been discussed before neutral
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 2:31am

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Yeah I remember logging in one day in seeing just the link for DV2 plug-ins. Oh well
Posted: Wed, 14th Aug 2002, 3:59am

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Mechaforce is correct - all of the alamdv 1 plug-ins are no longer available - this was because of bandwidth issues, and generally just to get rid of alamdv 1 and move onto alamdv 2 - u wouldn't want to be fiddling around with an old version of ur program if u were releasing a new one, would u?

anyway, ALL of the alamdv 1 effects are in alamdv2, and it is MUCH better, easier etc to use, plus if u purchased alamdv1 u can use ur serial in alamdv2...

try doing a search on the forum, u may find more accurate reasons for alamdv 1s abscence smile