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stopping cropping

Posted: Sun, 5th Apr 2009, 6:36am

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I import my video in VL, add some effects, then render uncompressed, open video back up in Vegas, and when I do that, the video is suddenly cropped and I didn't mean to crop it. When I ooutput to DVD and watch it on my tv, the image is half the size it should be. It's surrounded by a big black rectangle. What could be causing this?
Posted: Sun, 5th Apr 2009, 7:56am

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You have to import it into V.L. as a .mov or avi. I believe the quicktime format might be better but I'm not really too sure. then export it as the same file type that you originaly imported it in.
I hope this helps but if not... no worries, there are a ton of guys on this site that know a lot more than I do and will be able to help you out.
2 quick questions though.
Did you set your in and out points?
that's the start and end of your video that you imported, if you don't do this V.L. will by default only render a certain amount of frames. which will make your rendered video shorter.

Did you play with the video's animation settings?
Size in particular as this would cause you problems if you scaled the canvas down accidentally.
Posted: Sun, 5th Apr 2009, 7:59am

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Most likely you created a project using settings that didn't match your footage. If you used a larger resolution for your project than the actual resolution of the footage, you would end up with a black border all around. Or if you scaled it down, as spydurhank mentioned.