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Battle Droid cut in half

Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 5:55am

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Could anyone please make a Battle Droid (like in episode1 + 2)
That is cut in half with a lightsabre and then it falls on the ground in
two halves.

Thank You lol
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 5:58am

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Well, I know Kermz and I both have the battle droid models, and are working on animations. I'm sure we'll both add it to our list of things to do. My list is shorter, although he's better at animating. We'll see though, I'll try it out. biggrin
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 6:30am

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Hey I am sure I can cut one in half as a plug in animation. KermZ
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 10:53am

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or you could mask the bottom half, and then add another droid and mask the top of that one.

then you have two halfs.

( wow that's it for now, all that thinking fried my brain )
Posted: Sun, 11th Aug 2002, 11:25pm

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if kermz or flip don't do it, THEN I WILL, BWA HA HA HA HA, as i read all these posts, my list of things to do is getting longer, and longer sad