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Upgraded to Visionlab

Posted: Mon, 13th Apr 2009, 5:09am

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Just upgraded my composite lab and effects lab to Vision lab biggrin ... can't wait to finish exams so I can spend countless hours polishing up some old films I've done using this program.

I take it there is no need to leave composite lab or effects lab on my computer, so I should delete them right?
Posted: Mon, 13th Apr 2009, 5:32am

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Congratulations on the purchase, I'm sure you will enjoy it immensely.

You are correct; there is no need to leave EffectsLab or CompositeLab installed. In fact, if you purchased a VisionLab upgrade from your EffectsLab/CompositeLab licenses, it would actually be a violation of the license agreement to have all three installed. Since you exchanged the EffectsLab license and the CompositeLab license for a VisionLab license, the EffectsLab and CompositeLab licenses are no longer yours. But really, that's just a technicality, as with VisionLab installed you'll never need either of them anyway.
Posted: Mon, 13th Apr 2009, 6:07am

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Congrats on the upgrade! biggrin

You are going to love Vision lab.
Posted: Thu, 28th May 2009, 10:37pm

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Without a doubt you will love it. Having all the fx in one place is such a bonus.

Congrats on the upgrade..!!