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One VOB file works, another doesn't

Posted: Tue, 14th Apr 2009, 6:34pm

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VideoWrap works fine on some files, but on others I get the "Incompatible file type" error message. Help!

Here are the files that work:

Here's the one that DOES NOT work:

As you can see, it's number 3 that gets the error message.
These files are all from the same video. I have the same problem with another disc, so it's not an issue of a corrupted file. The file number 3 gets an error message on two different discs. So I am missing the middle portion of each disc's video. Is there some reason that section 3 won't work?

Thanks! Hopefully someone out there can help me!
Posted: Tue, 14th Apr 2009, 9:49pm

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If you rename that file to VTS_01_6.VOB (or any other number that isn't 3) does it work then?