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How to Light a bluescreen for under 30$

Posted: Sun, 3rd May 2009, 3:12am

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SO, This thread was created for the people who know nothing about lighting a bluescreen, I'm showing you how to light a bluescreen/greenscreen for under 30$!
The first thing you will need is a clamp light

You can pick this up at your local hardware store for about 8$ and make sure you pick up a bulb while you're there too, The second thing you need is a work light, all of these things are available at your local hardware store or retail centre

And you also want to pick up a piece of foamcore posterboard,

the foamcore is available at any craft store, the first step for lighting your bluescreen is to position the foamcore so it is at a 45 degree angle to the screen, then position your worklight on a stool and point it at the foamcore.

now you should have a nice glow on your bluescreen, and not a harsh light, make sure that the worklight is not behind the camera but not in the cameras view, like I have below

the next step is to clamp your clamp light onto a door or a stand at an angle to the screen, as a backlight, like so

now move your subject about 5 feet away from the screen, and you're done, It might be good to diffuse the clamplight with some wax paper

the results for chroma keying are very satisfying, Have fun with greenscreen!