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greenscreening problems...any suggestions?

Posted: Mon, 4th May 2009, 10:41pm

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hey guys im using composite pro and my keeping is somewhat horrible. any suggestions on how to make a clean cut? my green screen is perfect but im just having difficulty with keying. im new to this. i added pro contrast to illuminate the green and i used the color difference key etc. im seeing parts of my body gone when i apply the effects. helppppp!
Posted: Tue, 5th May 2009, 12:02am

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It is completely impossible to offer suggestions if we can't see the footage and don't know what keying settings you are using.

Are you using the Key Grade filters, and not the Grade filters? You should be using Key Grade, and it will make a big difference if you aren't. If your greenscreen is perfect, the Auto Difference Key will do the trick with no problems. If it doesn't, then I suspect your greenscreen isn't as perfect as you think.

Upload a clip or image and provide us a link, and we can offer more specific suggestions. will host images for free if you don't have webspace. Youtube clips generally are compressed beyond being useful for this type of thing, so uploading to Youtube won't really help.
Posted: Wed, 17th Jun 2009, 1:54am

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Hi there!
I think I can help you out, though it would be easier with an image of your particular clip, but here goes:

I have a few suggestions for you:

-Add a saturation key grade and bring the saturation up (this makes it easier to key the footage)
-Apply a color difference key and lower the whites until almost all the green is gone
-Now raise the black up a little to get rid of see through parts of the image
-To fix the jagged edges, go to the media tab (top right) and right click your footage/video clip- select media properties and change the UV Blur to Gaussian or box (one will work better depending on your footage- just experiment) and reduce it to a 1 or 2
-Now apply a spill suppression to get rid f any left over green
-Now add a Gaussian blur and set to 3 or 4 to make the key look more natural
-Cut away un-needed parts of the clip using garbage matte
-Use contrast pro and match the blacks in the green screen clip to the background image/video
-To bring highlights back in, raise the whites in the greenscreen clip
-Lower clip saturation to match with the backdrop
-Finally, use an ambient light effect to bring a natural reflection into the clip

For images for each step and even more details see this tutorial I made on making better green and blue screen keys:

Hope that helps you out! smile


P.S. If your green screen is less than perfect, let me suggest this lighting tutorial The lighting can really, really make or break the green screen and you need to get it just right. Color can be fixed, the lighting can be very difficult to get around if it is done poorly and can result in a lot of time and effort wasted in post. Good luck!