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Launch project from the command line

Posted: Fri, 29th May 2009, 12:45pm

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(apologies in advance for my english wink

I wonder if it's possible to run a project from the command line, in some kind of "silent mode".

I'd need to use PhotoKey Pro as an step in the proccess of generating a "bullet time" video, where the entire process should be launched by an operator at the touch of a button.

The process would start saving the captures from the in a given directory, then i'd run a PhotoKey project from the command line (the images would be named always in the same way) and then another custom application would create the final video.

A different approach would be some kind of "directory watch", where everything appears in a given directory is processed using a given project.

Thanks in advance!
Posted: Fri, 29th May 2009, 1:11pm

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PhotoKey doesn't support command line control as you describe, unfortunately. I'll pass on your comments to the development team so that they can consider it for future versions.