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Newb help with adding effects

Posted: Sat, 30th May 2009, 7:55pm

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i grabbed the demo and I seem to be hitting a wall with creating light sword effects.

I choose the preset then drag it on to the main window and then draw the four points of the light beam, then I frame by frame adjust or rotate slightly to make it work but when i get to around 10 or 11 frames the glow disappears and I am just left with the draw lines of the effect and the playback of the effect stops at that point.

I tried starting from scratch with a new project and it does exactly the same. is this a demo limitation?

Thanks in advance for any help
Posted: Sat, 30th May 2009, 8:05pm

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You just have to change the length of the effect. On the timeline, the effect will be marked by a horizontal colored bar. Once you move the playhead past the end of the colored bar, the effect won't appear. You can adjust the length of the effect either by using the Crop tool at the top left of the timeline, and dragging the end of the effect to the new length you want, or by right-clicking the layer on the timeline and selecting Duration.
Posted: Sun, 31st May 2009, 7:02pm

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awesome, thanks biggrin