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Account Deleted? HELP ASAP

Posted: Wed, 10th Jun 2009, 1:24pm

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I took a small break from making videos and I was not happy when I came back. The effects lab that I had downloaded stopped working for some reason. I thought that a simple reinstall would fix it, but I don't have the installer file anymore. So I came back here to download it again, and I couldn't log in. I had my information in a word document so I know it was correct. I tried every email I had. Then I tried them all in the forgotten password thing. Nothing worked. I don't see how my account could just completely disappear like this. Someone help please.

Edit: I still have my program key on my computer. If my account did get deleted is there a way I can get effects lab back with just the key?
Posted: Wed, 10th Jun 2009, 3:16pm

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Simon K Jones

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Can you email with details of the purchase. We'll need the purchaser's name and the email address used when purchasing/registering.