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Framerate issue

Posted: Thu, 11th Jun 2009, 3:22am

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Why is it that the framerate sucks so bad when I try to preview a video in the program? It makes a 30 second clip into like a 3 second clip, and its really annoying and frustrating!
How do I fix it so that it runs normal as it was recorded?
Posted: Thu, 11th Jun 2009, 4:16am

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Terminal Velocity

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"Framerate sucks so bad" is hardly an adequate description of your problem, bud. Make it clear what your issue is.

Are you saying that when you put your video in Elab, it speeds up?

Check the framerate. When you create a new project, a box appears with a list of things. One of them being framerate. You need to know the framerate of the camera you took the video from. It should by default make the correct amount, but it's worth checking.

Also, if you tried to increase the fps to smooth the video, that's where your problem is. I did the same thing once, not understanding such things, and sped up the video which I definitely didn't want. So don't do that.

EDIT: Although speeding up the clip can be useful in some cases.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jun 2009, 4:52am

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Indeed, a bit more detail in describing your issue will help greatly in explaining how to avoid it.

If its choppy playback you are experiencing, then you probably aren't preview rendering before you play. If its the length of the clip, it possible that your out point isn't at the end of the clip, so that you are only seeing the first few seconds. If it actually is playing back faster, unrelated to those issues, then it could be that you selected either the wrong framerate or wrong scan method when you created the project. Are you sure the 10x speed up is accurate? I'm guessing you are exaggerating, as it would be extremely bizarre for your clip to speed up that much, but specific detail as to how much it is speeding up is very helpful in diagnosing the problem. These are a few ideas that come to mind straight away as to what could be happening, but it could also be something else entirely. The more detail you can provide as to what exactly is happening, then quicker we can identify the solution.
Posted: Thu, 11th Jun 2009, 9:10am

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Check out this tutorial for more info on the preview rendering system: