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multiple greenscreen video clips

Posted: Thu, 18th Jun 2009, 1:53am

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I'm in need of help. I want to do a video clip in which five versions of myself are interacting with each other. I am using a green screen and taped each one separately. I can add up to three of myselves without a problem. However, when I add the fourth in and key the background out all you can see is me and a black background. What can I do to add the fourth and fifth person and still see a background? I am not very experienced with this, so please speak in simple terms. Thanks!
Posted: Thu, 18th Jun 2009, 1:57am

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The process for keying is the same no matter how many layers you have. The problem must be related to something else. Are you sure the background is still present behind these new layers? If they are beyond the end of the background clip, then you would just see black behind them.